Monday, 8 April 2013

That pesky space above our TV

So I was doing my daily read of one of my favourite my favourite blog Young House Love and they had just completed a project that I have been struggling over since we got our flat screen TV last year. What to do with the wall surrounding it??

Here is it currently:

It has an Ikea TV bench under it which had glass in it but I put some paper in there to hide the mess. Not happy with it but it will do until I try that cool frosting idea.

So do I do a shelf or shelves? Some prints? Artwork?  What do you think everyone?

Edited to add:
Sherry from YHL blog just suggested a photo collage around it and I just found these great examples on Pinterest.

I really like the second one beause it is not centered and out TV can't be centered above the cabinet because of the chair next to it.

This is me playing around in Paint.

Brown shelves look better I think.

I think it is too busy.


  1. That's tough isn't it? Would you paint a feature wall perhaps? Are you likely to change the position of the tv any time? I like the frames I think they look great.

  2. It will temporary Pol as that is where the staircase will be.