Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Laundry storage sorted

My latest project was a long time coming. For about a year now, our laundry has looked liked this:

I put that clothes rack in there just to give me somewhere to hange wet clothes in the winter. It did come in handy but the thing was always in the way. Those brooms and mops also would get kicked over and really needed a place to belong.
So I got inspired to upcycle an old piece of timber that we had been saving for something and some old metal bars that Hubby found at work.
I needed something to hang wet clothes on and a place to put the washing baskets and a place for the brooms.

I saw these and got inspired.

So I set my team to work.

I found a shelf bracket design on the Martha Stewart website and had Hubby scale it to be big enough to hold 4 top rails which I could use to hang clothes over. Then he added a lower rail to hand coat hangers on. Then I gave it three coats of paint, and added 3 double hooks at the bottom.

Here is the final product. I am thrilled and Hubby not longer curses when he walks through the laundry.

This mop didn't have the hole in the right spot to hang it up properly so I tied a cord around it. Am I a genius or what!   Ha ha....

Here is the before and after for comparison. The room just feels so much more spacious. It is amazing how getting things up off the floor make a room feel bigger.

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Here are some smart ideas on how to store and label your collection.. great idea to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door.