Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's a sign

It was just one of those days today. Nothing was going right; I even spelt my own name wrong when I was signing the baby into childcare. Even at work things were just a mess. Nothing too bad but just frustrating and I got drenched dropping Sammy at childcare to boot.

It wasn't a complete write off though; I did get scones and biscuits at my son's kinder VIP day and then when I arrived home all cold and wet and carrying about 6 bags and a baby inside the house, I was greeted by another nice surprise.  A letter from the council asking for money for the advertsing. It said as soon as we pay the fee ($163- we saved $7 by maing our own board to stick it on) they will send out the letters to our adjoing neighbours and we can erect our sign. So I called hubby straight away and told him to go to the council straight from work to pay it and to collect the signage.

So now we have a pretty board in the front of our house.

Little Heidi made it into this pick. Can you find her?

This sign has to stay up for 2 weeks from tomorrow and fingers crossed no one complains or we will have to wait all over again.

But overall I came out of the day pretty happy.  :)

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