Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A small step forward

Each day we creep closer and closer to a start date. Today I have been told that our amendments have been oked by the council and have been sent forward to the advertising stage.

This requires us to put a notice in our front yard for 2 weeks in which time the neighbours can view the plans and make any complaints that they might have about our extension. Cross your fingers that nobody complains (especially scarey as we have one set of neighbours who complain about everything and would probably enjoy knocking our plans back).

Now we wait to hear back about paying an advertising fee and getting our board up.

But the other exciting news is that our new neighbours who bought the vaccant block nextdoor laid all their plumbing yesterday. My son spent about 3 hours hanging over the fence just watching the digger and the plumbers going to work. He is mega excited about our build so this can entertain him until it is our turn.

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