Monday, 13 May 2013

My Mother's Day surprises

It's not until you have a relaxed rest day that you really realise how busy life is every other day of the year. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I felt spoilt just by the fact that I did minimal housework and didn't feel guilty letting Hubby take ove for just one day.

Firstly my 15 month old baby girl Heidi slept through the night and didn't wake until 7.07am. HEAVEN!! That is a good sleep in to me.

Then I get big hugs and kisses in bed from my 3 goregous kids followed by the gifts they made at childcare, kinder and school as well as the ones that daddy helped them buy.

Thought I'd share some lovely ones.

My artwork from number 2 son Sammy:

A gorgeous kale flower plant:

I think it is meant to be an outdoor plant so I will have to think of a good place to put it in the garden.

What a lucky Mummy I am and I am so thankful for my wonderful Husband and Children for making me feel special. I hope all the other Mum's ot their had a relaxing day too.

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