Thursday, 30 May 2013

The perks of the job

There are a few benefits of playing the waiting game.

1) We have more time to pay off our mortgage which is getting smaller, and smaller and paying less interest.

2) We have time to think about design and smarter ways to do things with the layout/design.

3) We can fix up other problems with the existing house (for example we jacked up the bouncy part of the kitchen and packed the stumps. Now the gaps in the walls have gone and no more floor like a trampoline)

4) We can collect building materials to save us money.

This last one is where my Husbands new job comes in. He is renovating/extending period type homes. Yesterday they had left over timber that was going to go into the skip. The site supervisor told Hubby that he could take it to use for stumps if he wanted. Cool!!  Every little bit helps. So far we only have some weatherboards and now these stumps but I am sure more things will pop up.

Also, we are making contact with suppliers. Yesterday the new staircase was going into one of the homes. The staircase man said that we can get the wholesale rate because we work for D. (He said about $3500-$4000) Can't wait to see the pics of the staircase that Hubby promised he'd take today.

Time has also lead me to Pinterest once again. We are looking at splashback ideas and we like pressed tin and subway tiles.

I really like these:

Subway tiles in herringbone

Pressed tin

Also, this arebesque style is gorgeous:

Those last ones are super expensive though. Which one are your favourite?

Maybe we will come across some extra free tiles along the way :)    I'll keep dreaming.

Well, Monday is the last official day for taking complaints about our renovation. I wonder if any have been lodged. Time will tell.

Have a lovely weekend to my gorgeous readers


  1. I adore pressed metal but the arabesque is also stunning.

  2. That's right Pol. We just have to figure out what would work best in our house.

  3. I love subway tiles but that pressed tin is beautiful. How about subway in your new ensuite so you can have both!!

    1. I hadn't thought about subway in the ensuite. I do have a plan for that splashback but I will re-think now :)