Thursday, 23 January 2014

Australia Day Long Weekend

Woo hoo!!  It is Friday afternoon on the eve of a long weekend. What a great feeling.

So what is happening at This Little Yellow House this weekend?

Well this afternoon the engineer and steel guy is coming to inspect the error with the steel beams and hopefully come to an agreement on how to best fix the problem. Fingers crossed it can be fixed very soon. They want us to pay the bill but I don't want to until it is all finished. Comes close to $6000 so I want to be sure it is right first.

Dave is planning to finish the rest of the subfloor and hang and set the last stump so hopefully the rain holds off. Then after that we can start building the walls but I think the surveyor has to inspect the subfloor first so that might be a next week job.

I have to get the kids school gear ready because my eldest starts grade 2 on Wednesday then little Sammy starts Prep the next Monday. I am very excited to have two kids at school this year. Gives me little bit more free time with just Heidi on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

I also want to try out my label maker and make some labels for our key cabinet. Somewhat like these:
diy key rack tutorial

Hidden Key Storage | Redesigned By M

This is the key box that we currently have:
Decorative Accents - Wood Key Box - EziBuy Australia

I do love it but it needs labels!!!


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