Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Organised earrings

I was cleaning my bedroom today as it has been a big mess since we condensed the house to begin the extension and came across an old problem for me, of jewellery storage. My poor dressing table and drawers are littered with little boxes filled with random earring and necklaces with no real home.

So in my typical fashion, I did some Googling and blog searching and came up with a neat little idea that would work for me. I stumbled up this blog called Utterly Organised and saw a cool earring storage trick.

It just so happens that I have a small spot in my wardrobe where this could work. So I strung up a small picture wire with some spare picture hooks and hung up all my dangly earrings.

This really freed up a lot of space in my little jewellery box which feels great. However, I think for my birthday in March I might have to request a bigger and more organised jewelley box.



  1. Thank you so much for sharing my idea, glad that it worked for you xx

    1. Thank you for the awesome idea. Every little space is precious at the moment so I love these neat ideas. :)