Sunday, 12 January 2014

A house with a wall

Last week the kids and I went on holidays to Tassie to visit my family while David stayed at home and got some work done. I was dreaming that I'd come home to a pretty red brick wall on the boundary and the steel framework up and some flooring done.

The steel guy couldn't get the steel he needed so that didn't happen :( But at least the bricky turned up after we had some doubts as he is a bit unreliable. Apparently he is a hard but very slow working which sucks as he charges by the hour. Dave put did all his labouring for him for the whole 3 days (some of which were 12 and 13 hours) and finally got the wall up.

Look how pretty it is:

Yesterday, we started the framing up of the floor to join to the wall. So now most of the bearers and joists have been done.

We are starting to get a feeling of how much space we will have. I think we will still have to be wise with our choice of lounge etc as it will soon feel like a crowded room I think. We will choose lowish backed lounges and small tables.

There is so much rubbish to get rid of in the front yard too. Must order a skip some time soon.

Keep cool this week fellow Melbournites.

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