Monday, 20 January 2014

Steel posts and beams

It is always one step forward too steps back in this journey it seems. Is nothing destined to go smoothly for us?

On Saturday the steel fabrication guys came to install our steel work to support the second storey. We knew he was having troubles with a supplier getting the galvanised posts for the overhanging second floor so this was to be done today (Monday).

After being about 2 hours late on Saturday morning, they installed four posts against the existing house and four at the rear. Two of the posts against the house were too short.

Here are the posts before installation on Saturday.

Here are the posts at the rear. These ones are correct:

So today they came and added a piece at the top of the two short posts which you can see here:

Then they brought a crane in and parked it in the driveway next door and lifted the other beams over the top of our house and into place.

When David got home from work, he noticed that the galvanised posts at the back weren't up against the gazebo deck. So he measured them and they were 1840mm from the black posts instead of 2 meters. Grrr... not happy Jan.

And the base plates at the bottom were meant to be larger as per the engineers instructions and should have been Chemset into place. That is a strong gluey stuff that you put into the holes in the cement to help keep the bolts in place.

The steel guy is coming back in the morning to do some more welding so is going to take a look at the error then and see how he can fix it. He will have to get the crane back again and I will be furious if he tries to charge us for it.

So we will see how tomorrow goes I guess.

Finger crossed he can fix it as soon as possible.



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