Friday, 31 January 2014

Sub floor....tick!

Yesterday we had the steel guy come back again (*sigh* this was meant to the finished 4 weeks ago) to move the posts to the correct spot. He turned up on time which was a bonus and was still here when I returned from work.

So he did move them to the correct spot and also made sure they were level this time as they were 2.4cm out last time. Hopefully they are correct now.

Here is the posts set in position, not to be moved again.

He still hasn't finished all the other work he has quoted us to do so we are not to pleased with him right now. One of the things he has done was this small bracket/post thingy.

So we need to get a list of all the things he still needs to fix/do and email them to him. Apparently his mistakes have cost him a lot more than he quoted so he isn't playing very nicely right now. Makes it difficult to deal with and makes me quote anxious.

The surveyor dropped in today to check the subfloor. We got the tick of approval to start fixing the floor in place and start building walls. Yep, you read right; we can start building proper walls now! I feel like doing a little gig. :)

So tonight, Dave ran to the hardware shop and bought some glue to start sticking it down. Got a tiny bit done. Here you can see the glue.

Then it was put in place and nailed.

We got these too end pieces done tonight before the kids called Dave in to play cricket. It is Summer after all!

Have a nice weekend!

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