Saturday, 28 June 2014

Another wall almost done

On Friday, after work we got a delivery of weatherboards, and pending clear weather, we planned to get some more on the walls on the weekend. I still get excited when we get things delivered.

Weatherboard delivery
 So we began with the east wall today.
 First few boards going on. We had to paint the exposed ends as we cut them, and I got bloody paint on my jeans. Should know better by now that to wear my good clothes.
Getting fussy with the string lines
 Some more...
 Started to get too high for to to reach at this point.
Dave did get some more on, but Heidi woke up and I had to go mind her inside out of the cold.  I may have sat on my arse and watched Frozen with her and cried like a baby at the sad scene, whilst Dave worked out in the actual freezing cold (13 degrees but "felt like" 6 apparently). I did feel a bit bad about that but hey, he loves the cold weather! 



  1. You were brave to go outside at all today! I guess the motivation is pretty high. Progress is looking good.

    1. I was wearing two jackets a jumper and a beanie and I was still cold.LOL

  2. Haha-it's always the way. I'll just quickly paint this little thing, I don't need to change! Grrr! :) Watching Frozen was a good plan! :) x