Monday, 30 June 2014

Boarding up the back wall

When the weather turned worse we had to ditch the side wall weatherboarding and move undercover to the back wall. Here is the before.
How does Dave always squeeze his way into all the shots?
 First we put on the stop ends which the weatherboards butt into on the edges. Then took some levels and run some string lines.

We had to start a few boards up from the bottom because we still need to allow some access to the subfloor to put some more steel stuff in.

Didn't get much done before we had to stop and go out for a while. By the time we got back it was getting dark and late and so Dave just chopped up boards to length ready to go when he came home from work today.
Boards cut and ready to go

 Then today we got some more up. I say we but all I did was paint some ends and hold a board or two in place. Oh I did drill one hole! Go me!

Looks like this now
Oh and we were having trouble keeping the heat in the house due to the massive hole in the ceiling so Dave covered it up with some foil insulation and now it is keeping the heat in a lot better.
It is 9:15pm now and Dave is heading out to cut up more weatherboards. Crazy cat!


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