Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My bin died

Unfortunately the roofers didn't turn up today :( So I had another task in mind.

For ages now, my poor old rubbish bin has been on struggle street. The foot pedal was the first to die and that was early on its life. Next the bin insert somehow broke and got wedged inside the outer white shell and couldn't come out despite my best effort, so was very hard to clean. Then two days ago the lid snapped completely off.
Poor old bin
So, I found a great bin that I wanted but sadly was out of my bin budget.

It is from West Elm and retails at $249. But how cool is that magnetic dustpan and broom. No way I was going to pay that though.

It is actually pretty hard to find a nice looking bin. Ours has no place to be hidden away in a cupboard so it is always on display.

Anyway, I picked up this cheapy from good old Kmart for $39. 
I can use one for my general rubbish and one for my recyclables. So of course I got my label maker out and gave each a label so we have no confusion.

Even if it isn't pretty at least I feel a bit more organised. It will be interesting to see if it can cope with my rough kids. I'd like to get at least 12 months with it falling apart at least.


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