Thursday, 5 June 2014

It's a house with a roof, with a roof

Yesterday, I had a bit of a moment. I just felt that we had waited so long for this roof to go on and it was never going to happen. I got desperate and prayed to God that we would have a roof this week. I never expected that it would happen as we had no contact from our roofing buddy.

I got a call at work from Dave this morning saying that the roofers were at our house now putting the upper roof on. Well I couldn't believe it. It was actually happening. I couldn't get the smile off my face today and couldn't wait to get home to see it.

As it turned out, they were 2 sheets short and couldn't finish it today. They are going to try to source the sheets tomorrow and finish it. I really hope they can because Mum is coming to visit on Saturday and she really wants to see the roof on.

So here is what it looks like from underneath (It got too dark to get an outside photo. Hopefully tomorrow!)

Missing a piece here

And one here.
It feels so different up there now. We just hung out up this after the kids went to bed. It felt so much warmer already. Soon we can wrap the house and start weatherboarding and will really feel different.


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