Monday, 9 June 2014

Preparing for the lower roof

This long weekend, we have been enjoying the new roof and preparing to get the lower roof on. This involved removing the scaffolding on the sides, battening out the roof and putting on the lining boards.

Top roof finished with scaffolding still up

Scaffolding down

Internal scaffolding down on the west side

Internal scaffolding down on the east side
 We also lowered the rear scaffold to be at the same level a the upper level much like a long balcony. This is so we can do the weatherboarding and such later on.
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West side battening done

The lining boards on the east side (there aren't any for the est side)

More lining boards. The rafter tails need to be painted green yet.
So, we are hoping that tomorrow the roofers will come back to do the east and west side lower roofs.

That took the best part of 3 days. But so happy it is done ready for the roofs.Let's see what tomorrow brings. At least there is no rain forecast for the next 2 days.


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