Sunday, 22 June 2014

Skylight is getting closer

After we got the main part of the roof on, our next main priority was to get the skylight in the kitchen installed. So this weekend it was time to cut open our kitchen ceiling. This was definitely going to make a dusty mess so we needed to cover up the important kitchen things.

Here's Dave being a smart arse about to make the first cut.

The window will pretty much be in line with the bench and to the left of the window. Good news is that because we had to put it close to the external wall, we can still put pendants above the bench as planned. Yippee!

We started with a small square and it got bigger. No idea why, he works in mysterious.

Proud of his hole!
 By the end of Saturday, about 8pm, it was looking like this with the hard part of the framing done.
We had some keen kids who loved having the ladder inside. Heidi was "riding a plane" and Sammy was trying out his new work boots.

After some more framing up on Sunday morning, it is ready for the skylight to go in.
Makes me dizzy looking at this photo
Unfortunately, the weather this week is terrible. Windy and rainy all week long. So I guess the plumber wont be able to finish the roof and skylight this week. We have the roof material waiting in the front yard so just need good weather.

Meanwhile, we are putting out window plans in for quoting. That will be a "you'd better sit down" moment I am sure.

Dave will try to start the weatherboarding on this small wall if the weather permits.
Just packing it out. Very particular with the straightness of everything.
So that is where we are at. The house is very cold right now so we are snuggling in the front temporary lounge room around the little electric radiator. Brrr....



  1. Oh I am sure it will be beautiful when the skylight goes in, so much natural light will be amazing!!
    I had a fall over moment when we got the quote for all out windows too, it's a huge chunk of out total budget but it's gotta be done!

    1. I have a feeling once I get one skylight in, I will want more and more. Can never have too much light in my view.