Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Declutter time: Linen closet

I love nothing more than a good declutter. I have been following the Peter Walsh 31 day challenge and have been loving it. Even though today's challenge was to do the sock and undie drawers, I wanted to do more as I get a buzz from it.

So I tackled the linen closest which was getting a mess.
As you can see, this is also my gift wrapping station, which after Christmas was a mess.

So I took everything out, and sorted the things I wanted to keep and things I wanted to donate. Here is my pile of giveways. I have a lady coming to collect some of these who was in need of sheets as all hers had holes in them.
Then I folded them all nicely and put labels on the shelves.

After that it looked much better but I still needed to do the gift wrap.

I collected like items together and stored all gift bags in one big gift bag in the bottom of the closet. So now it looks all neat like this.

Now I feel much better everytime open it. Ahhh... It is amazing how much more relaxing my life seems when things are in order.

Have you been doing any post Christmas decluttering?


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