Saturday, 24 January 2015

Fans for the boys rooms

Today we made a trip, kids and all, out to Early Settler to look and their fans. They have a sale on until the end of January where you Buy 1, get one Free!!  Gotta jump on that deal.

I just love that shop and saw so many other things I'd love to buy for the house. Like these:
Crown wing chair vintage charcaol canvasLorne Button Back Chair TaupeByford Wall BracketRochelle Sink Mixer Q Spout ChromeZola 8 Light Chandelier Dark BronzeFaraway Elm Trestle Table 2300 x 1000mm
I could go crazy in there and spend so much money.

Dave wasn't thrilled with my chose of fan but he trusted my judgement and said to get them. So they cost $249 each so we saved $249 thanks to this sales. Bonus, the kids love them. That's a win!
We chose the Newport fan and light in reversible walnut/silver blades and brushed nickle body.
Newport 48in Fan Matt Brushed Nickel with Silver/Walnut Reversible Blades & Light 
And here they are in our possession.

So that was a bit of fun for the weekend.

Other than that, Dave is still working on levelling and battening out the living room ceiling.

Yesterday, I got the kids to help with sanding the weatherboards outside. Sammy was totally loving it and wouldn't even stop for a break.
Andrew on the other hand (see in the green T-shirt), last about 5 minutes before retreating inside. Just not his thing I guess. Even Heidi was helping more than him, seen below doing some painting.

So I was working on getting a coat of paint on the back weatherboards. They need a lot of prep though. They are starting to bubble and hence the need to sand them all flat again, then we had to punch and fill the nail holes and then wait for the putty to dry before sanding again and finally getting some paint on. Mind you I only got a tiny patch painted in the end. I am hoping tomorrow will be more production.

Have a Happy Australia Day tomorrow mates!

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