Monday, 19 January 2015

Weekend weatherboarding

This weekend we didn't do a lot of work, but what we did we were glad to see the back of. The top floor is now fully weatherboarded. Granted w have a few holes to fill and touch ups top coats to do on the last boards but apart from that it is now locked up. Woo hoo!

Dave had to first remove the east scaffold and that I showed you in the last photo of my last post. Then he took all day Saturday to install the very trick last 4 weatherboards. I really wish I took a photo of the shape he had to cut out of some of the boards. They looked like a dragon shape.

So now it looks like this:

Then Sunday, we pretty much took the day off because we went to the Bundoora Children's farm to celebrate Heidi's birthday who turned  today.
Biggest cheesy smile she could muster.
Though around dinner time, Dave and the kids decided to pack the levels for the ceiling in the new loungeroom. I guess that is the next job on the list. I have no idea if we have plan of attack for the progress from now on, but I think Dave just does the least boring thing next.


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