Monday, 12 January 2015

Post holidays update - Plastering

Hi everyone. We are both back at work now, unfortunately, so it is time to show you what we got done in the break.

Pretty much it was just a time for straightening and packing walls, insulating and hanging the plaster. I already showed you the pictures of this small window being installed and here is Dave insulating around it ready to hang the plaster.

 This is what it looks like now with the plaster on downstairs.
 Here is Dave (obviously on one of those 39 degree days by the fact he has his shirt off), straightening the back of the bathroom wall. He also double insulated with sound proof insulating to stop you hearing any bathroom noises in the living room.
And this is it with the plaster on the bottom half. He has to run some special metal channel on top of this plaster where it meets the top plaster to stop any movement from cracking it. Haven't done that bit yet.
Here is the little alcove that was going to be a study desk but I think it will be too dark now, so may just be a cupboard or something.
 We also installed the other small window.

 With these two now installed it seems nice and bright up that end now. However I am a bit worried about not having any windows up the other end. Hmmm.. that could have been a mistake in design by me.
 We had to get down the narrow sideway to install this. We ran into trouble when the hot water unit was in the way, so we had to unscrew it from the wall and shift it and then put it back again.
But now with the plaster on it, it looks like this.

 Upstairs is all plastered now, apart from that spot above the door which he needs my help with. Maybe we will do that tonight as it is raining outside so can't paint the exterior.

The two boys rooms
The kids retreat

The stairwell
The stairwell
 So that is what the place looks like right now.

On other fronts, the stair guy should be back from holiday this week so I am hoping he calls us soon with some good news. Also, the east, upper, outside wall is almost complete and ready to take the scaffold down. But this rain isn't helping.


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