Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A new water feature/catastropy

What an eventful dinner time we had today. Remember a few days ago the plumber capped off the old laundry pipes?
Well tonight my son stepped on it and the cap blew off and a fountain appeared in the house about 1 meter high. Water went everywhere. All over the plaster sheets we had on the floor, over the chipboard flooring and even hit the back doors. We had to turn off the water at the main, call the plumber to see how to put it back on and then clean up the water.

After that we got a heater out to dry it up and Dave made bigger holes in the floor to push the pipes down under the floor so it wont happen again.
Dave cutting new holes in the floor with the renovator
After all that was fixed he did some more bracing of the walls in the stairwell and hanging some plaster.

Time now to sit down with a Chardonnay! Ahhh bliss.


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