Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A very disappointing day

A friend commented on my last post about how she admired my patience. Thanks Jane, but at the moment my patience is wearing pretty thin I am afraid. The stairguy told us in December he'd have our staircase in before Christmas, even if it meant he was doing it on Christmas Eve. Well is in now the 3rd of February and we are still waiting. Last week he said it would be installed early to mid this week. Dave text him today and he said they are still working on the post which are a 'bit tricky' but gave no time for delivery.

So I am mega sad and fed up right now. I was so excited all day today thinking that tomorrow would be the big day. I am so sick of waiting, especially seeing as we are paying so much money for this.

When Dave saw how upset I was, he pulled his finger out and brace plyed the dining room wall after work. Then I was this happy.
Well that is me cooking dinner with earmuffs because of the noise of the nail gun, saw etc. Bonus is I couldn't hear the kids fighting either. Well I could be they didn't need to know that.

So here is the progress on that wall.

First we had to disconnect all the power and network points.
 Then straighten the wall.
 Then insulate, with the help of Sammy.
 All insulated (except one side where the weatherboards are missing and we didn't want it to get wet.)
 Brace ply going on.

Then it is all done.

Bye bye holes in the walls. We think we will panel this wall eventually, just so it look like a separate space for the dining room and create some interest.

On the weekend, I sanded and painted the last four weatherboards on the top back wall. So we can take down that scaffold on the weekend, hopefully.

That's about all.

Fingers crossed for us that we get the staircase ASAP before I go crazy.



  1. Waiting is hard when you're given false hope. I hope the staircase arrives ASAP!

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  3. Disappointing news, but your hubby is working hard to get you happy :)

  4. Bahahaha Natalie! I love that you cook wearing ear muffs :) so cute! You are a woman after my own heart. I am *lucky* enough to be so deaf I have to wear hearing aids (hey, you got to search for the silver lining sometimes!) so when the renovation noise gets too loud I switch them off and they act as ear plugs :)

    1. I didn't know you were deaf Maya. I often wonder if all the noise here is affecting my hearing. Normally Dave yells "Noise" and I just cover my ears, but sometimes he forgets and my ears get a blast.

  5. At some point in the future you will sit back, looking at your amazing house which you created with your own blood, sweat, tears (and swearing!) and perhaps then it won't seem so bad a journey after all.

    If not, wine helps!

    1. Not so much blood, thank God, but lots of sweat and muffled swears so the kids don't hear.