Saturday, 21 February 2015

Doory Hole

What is a doory hole???  Well it is a hole for a door of course. And that is just what we made today.

Because the staircase will block the entrance to the bathroom, we have to make a new entrance through the kids bedroom (which will become the new laundry).

So here is the obligatory before shot of the current entry to the bathroom and the wall on the left is where the new door needs to go.
After, it looks like this. Please excuse the kids getting ready for bed. Not sure they are very happy with their new ensuite. 

First we had to cover up the kids beds with old sheets so they didn't get dusty from the plaster cutting.
 Two out of the three kids were happy to help at the start. Excuse Heidi picking her nose.

After we stripped off some plaster, you could see the original lining boards that were on that old wall. Kind of a shame we plastered over them really. We could have made them a feature.

Adding in new studs on each side.
Here it is looking from the kids room to the bathroom.

Tomorrow we will be doing some more work on this as well as removing the old door and walling that in.

I did a bit of work this morning before it got to hot outside. I filled the nail holes on the south facig wall down the side of the house. Then I put another top coat of yellow on th back wall, but it got too hot to finish it so might try to finish that tomorrow too.

After a busy day we took the kids to the beach. It was 36 degrees in Melbourne after all.

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