Monday, 16 February 2015

Staircase progress

Finally the day has come. Today we got the staircase installed. Well they finished about half of it as they didn't arrive until 1:30pm and left about 4:30pm. So they are coming back in the morning to do the remainder of what they can do.

They can't finish it yet because we still need the bathroom access so the bottom bit will be finished later.

I couldn't sleep last night because I was so nervous. You'd think I'd be excited wouldn't you, but as I hadn't seen any drawing or plan I had no idea what I was getting. All I did was sent him photos of what I wanted.
I had a dream they installed a spiral staircase, so of course I was panicking all day.

But when I got home I was thrilled with how it was looking and how much space we still had under the stairs. So now for some photos.

You can see how they are incorporating the metal beam into the design.
 Below are all the pieces that fit together like a puzzle.
This blackbutt tread you can see is a very light wood just as I wanted.

There are no handrails here yet so I guess they will bring them tomorrow.

Very cool huh!

The two guys that were installing it (Brad and Jack from Going Upstairs) were awesome! Jack said it was great to be doing a staircase like this because they don't get to do this style. He said it will look amazing once it is all painted up. Let's hope he is right, but now I can picture it and yes it will be pretty awesome.

So tomorrow night hopefully you will see some more progress shots.



  1. will look awesome. House is looking wonderful

  2. I love reading your blog so please keep it up.

    I'm happy that your family will have a beautiful house live in. Great work guys.

    1. You are so sweet. Thanks so much :)