Wednesday, 11 February 2015

We have a staircase date and other works

The latest breaking news at This Little Yellow House is that the stair guy just sent and sms and said let's do the stars on Monday. So that is 5 more sleeps. I'd normally be doing a dance but that initial excitement from last week has faded. I am sure Monday morning I will be excited and dying to get home from work.

We spent the weekend working on a few things. Saturday morning Dave pulled down the scaffold.

So now it looks like this from the back fence line. You may be able to see what I was doing while he was doing that from the picture above. I painted most of the back wall in the first coat of Lion's Den yellow.
Dave is actually finishing it off right now (time check: 8:47pm). Champion!

Other work we did after that was to brace the stairwell walls then hang the plaster. We had to both get up on the highest ladder to get the plaster up while Andrew kept the kids well clear below.

First piece of plaster

Walking the plank
 Also we got the ceiling framed up at the top of the stair well and bought some lining boards to paint white then install maybe next week.
Heidi checking out the lining boards
 Then yesterday I moved all the scaffold timber under the back pergola so the kids can actually get to the trampoline again. This was the before photo. Now it is all clear again.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. But check in next week for the staircase!



  1. Cannot wait to see your staircase, I love stairs!
    Your house is really coming together now, good job!!

    1. Thanks very much. I can't wait to reveal it to you on Monday. If they get it done in one day, I have no idea.