Thursday, 23 April 2015

Flooring has arrived

So early this morning (7:45am), our Blackbutt solid timber flooring arrived from Urban Salvage. This is just for the raised living area and cost us $3600 which includes a 10% trade discount.

Lifting the delivery over the roses.

The gorgeous colour of our Blackbutt. Should lighten up our living room.

Dave has a day off work today so he can move it all inside, where it has to sit for 2 weeks to acclimatise before installing.

The electrician was meant to come to install light today but apparently we got our wires crossed and he is just coming to take a look at what he needs to do today. Boo to him. But next week he should begin, so not too much delay.



  1. Love blackbutt. New or old? I'm thinking that our floor supplier has forgot to mention the acclimatisation of the timber when estimating the time to get our floors organised.

    1. We wanted old but the price was crazy in comparison, plus the stairs are new timber so we went with that.
      If you get old timber I don't think you need to rest it first.