Sunday, 26 April 2015

Upstairs ready to be stopped up

After our timber arrived on Friday morning, I came home from work to see that Dave had been busy moving it all and sorting it into piles based on length. He also started stacking it so the air could flow through it.

The electrician did show up and he ran a cable for a pendant in the stairwell which wasn't in the original plan.
Today he finished all the upstairs ceiling panels.

 He temporarily hung the fans in the boys bedroom which I am loving the look of and the kids were super excited to see these up.

As for me, I painted the last window upstairs Phew! It is the big one picture above.

So now we can get a few quotes for the plasterers to come and stop up the plaster ready for painting and adding the trim.

Next job is to start on the fireplace framing.



  1. Your ceilings are such a feature. The fans are a great addition.