Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Going to be a long week

We have set ourselves a big task. We need to get all the upstairs ceiling and beams up before next Friday. So we have about 9 nights to get it all done. Why? Because the electrician is booked in for that day and he will need that ceiling done to install the fans and lights.

So Dave is packing out and levelling the rafters now and has borrowed a metal plank from work to use to reach the area above the stairs.

Yesterday the other two lights that we were waiting on arrived so they are all here waiting now.

Today I started painting the window in Sam's bedroom upstairs. It has had two primer coats and one top coat. So one more top coat and that will be enough.
Took me one hour to put the tape on!
Also today I cleared away the area where the fireplace will go in front of the red brick wall so we can mark out the area for the fireplace surround before we start laying the floor. That (laying the floor) will be started on the Friday too and hopefully with some help from some hired hands it will be done on the Saturday.

I must say, it is all very exciting to see it all finally coming together. Bit by bit it is taking shape and I am very pleased with the way it is looking.


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