Sunday, 12 April 2015

More ceiling and stuff

Once again we didn't get much time to do much active work on the house. Saturday morning we were out organising a few things for the house. First we ventured down to Gas Central in Williamstown to order our gas log fireplace. We order a Lopi 564 HO GS which will look much like this but with a black trim instead of silver:

It is a bit different from most because it will have white pebbles on the bottom like in this picture and driftwood instead of regular logs. So it kinda looks like someone has lit a fire on a beach and I love that idea.

They said it will only take 3 days to come in from New South Wales, so yippee! ow Dave has to think about building the frame and I need to source some stone for a hearth.

After that, we went to Urban Salvage in Spotswood We got comparative prices for the reclaimed Blackbutt and the new Blackbutt like in our staircase. The new was quite a lot cheaper so we went with that. It will be delivered Friday week and Dave hopes to get a day off work to accept the delivery.

The fireplace will cost around $5,500 and the floorboards will be about $3,750 (and that is just for the back living room not the whole house).

So a very expensive weekend.

Then today we got a message that our lights and fans that we ordered on Thursday were ready to collect so I excitedly picked them up this afternoon.
 I am in love with these fans. The are going to look AMAZING! I still have two coming. One hopefully on Tuesday and the other I need to follow up when that is due.

Dave did manage to get two more pieces of ceiling up also. It gets the thumbs up from Sammy
Loving it!



  1. Splendid! It seems that you are all set. It may seem expensive, but it should be a worthy purchase. I’m sure there are cheaper ways to make a fireplace, but that one looks amazing. Hope it all works out well! Cheers!

    Lindsey Mckenzie @ Buchanan Fire and Outdoors

    1. Thank you Lindsey for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment :)