Monday, 28 April 2014

What's the deal with the roof?

We had organised for a plumber friend to put on the roof last week. However, he got busy all of a sudden and couldn't fit us in. So we have asked another friend who did our first roof if he wanted to do it. He is calling back tonight to let us know when he could do it.

The good news with the delay is that it should give us time to arrange to get some Velux skylights ready to go in when the roof goes on, saving us the hassel of doing it later. The bad news is that we are losing money as the tarpaulins are costing us $150 a week to hire.

We are owed $1000 from the neighbour who agreed with us and the council that he would give us money for a skylight because we allowed him to build his garage wall closer to our kitchen window. We will probably get 2 small ones which will fit between all the truss work we have going on the roof. So maybe one over the kitchen island and one over the new dining area. I think hubby also wants one in the stairwell.

I also want two in the new living area up the TV end as it is very dark. We might work these details out tonight and hopefully order them in the next few days.

Not much else happening.

Dave has been painting the rafter tails.

He has to do two coats of the green now before he can put up the lining board eaves. I just finished the last coat of paint on those today.

And also today the water company turned up and started digging out the front. Seems like they are putting in a new fire hydrant and moving it a meter or so further away. Hopefully it will give us room to park two cars in front of our house.


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