Thursday, 7 January 2016

Wardrobe walls

So on Wednesday, Dave began the process of building the new walk in wardrobe for our bedroom.

It required that he removed the attic ladder (which will probably have to be moved into our bedroom ceiling eventually).
Attic ladder gone

New wall being built
I think he will do more on this during the coming weekend. He needs to install the batons in the ceiling and install a lentil to support the wall where he is knocking through to our bedroom.

I have been thinking about layouts and what I would like in the new wardrobe. I think I would like more drawers than hanging space. I have been doing the Konmari organising method recently and am enjoying the idea of the way she displays the clothes in drawers.
try arranging folded piles of clothes horizontally, filling each drawer from front to back.:
Image from pinterest

Not sure what to do about the existing sliding mirror doors. I am not a fan of this cross over sliding doors so would love to find an alternative.


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