Sunday, 17 January 2016

Building the ensuite

 Last week was a little bit exciting.

Dave started framing up the new ensuite because he had a forced week off work.

The side gate was removed.

 Then the subfloor was built allowing a dropped down section for the shower recess.

 After some issues with the roof angle and chatting to the surveyor, the walls and roof frame began.

Sunday saw the concrete get poured into the stump holes, so now it is looking like this.
 This photo gives you an idea of the internal size.
 For me it was time to get back to painting lining boards again.


  1. Soooo exciting! we are about to finish the tiling in our ensuite. Since they have been sitting in boxes out the back for the last 3 months I am very very excited to see them on the floor. They really will make our bathroom. Good luck!

    1. Ooo em I'd love to know which tiles you chose. That is going to be a hard choice I fear.

  2. How exciting! And he makes it look so easy! Chuckle. It'll make a big difference to your household.

    1. Not so easy. He did his back twice while building it :(