Thursday, 7 January 2016

Changing the kitchen

You may have seen my Facebook status on New Years Eve about me thinking about doing something crazy in the kitchen.

Well it does sound crazy but it also seems to make complete sense when you take a goo look at the space. I am not talking about huge money here but a few changes that I think would change the feel of the kitchen for the better, create more storage space and bring better light to the sink.

So at the moment the kitchen is oriented like this.

 When we were doing the floors, the bench had to be spun around so we could get the the floor under it. Then I got inspired.
Once the bench was turned this way, the light from that window flooded down onto the island bench. So my idea is to turn the bench this way and extend the bench with the sink on it along to go up to the far edge of the window and move the sink closer to the window.

We could use the current island bench top stone to extend the bench and so just get some cupboards made up to go underneath (I already worded up my brother in law to help make these as he did the original kitchen cupboards). Then we would replace the counter top on the island with maybe a wood top or something. But this would probably be smaller and not overhang at the ends as it does now. So would only sit 3 people instead of 5.
Of course we would need to move the pendant lights too but then I am not sold on those lights anyway and would like to change them.

So that is my plan and my mother in law agrees as otherwise that space under the window is just empty and wasted.

Would do you think? A good idea or not?


  1. And here is me thinking you are nearly finished renovating your house! I think it will give a more spacious feel and more bench space, which is always good.

    1. Some days it feels like it will never end.

  2. Absolutely brilliant idea. You can never have too much storage in a kitchen. You'll lose some light from the window, but it'd be worth it I think. Are you going to extend the upper cabinets, too? Might really enclose the window if you do that, and then reduce the light too much. Maybe a couple of open shelves?

    1. Yes I was of the same mind. More upper cabinets would block the light. I could put some shelves but think I might just leave it. Also we have the option (we think) of putting a window above the current sink as a splashback which would again help increase light.