Sunday, 31 January 2016

A window becomes a door

Very exciting this are happening at This Little Yellow House!

This weekend we knocked out the old double hung window in the old kids bedroom and broke through the wall to make way for our new laundry door. This door will lead from the new laundry room straight to the clothes line down the side way.

We had to install a small lentil above the new doorway and frame up for a highlight window and buy and install a new door jam.

View from the kitchen

We also filled up another skip

Preping for the door jam

The highlight above the door
We are hoping to have the final frame inspection done by Friday. But that will require Dave installing another lentil in above the kitchen sink which could be a pain in the bum.

At the moment it is all boarded up and luckily none of that rain from Saturday nights bad storms leaked in.

Tomorrow my littlest starts kindergarten. I can't believe it. Also can't believe that now I will have kid free time to do things like shopping for tiles and fixtures and painting the staircase.

It actually feels like we are getting close to the end now. Finally.



  1. Oh that's looking great! You must be really pleased with the progress you're making. I don't even know you and I'm excited! Ha ha ha. Nearly there!

    I only just realised you've been blogging for quite a while. I'll have to read right back to the beginning!

    1. I started pretty much the day we got our approval through. The planning process started even longer before that.
      Thanks for being excited for me Liz:) I have new burst of energy being so close to the end.

  2. What a project. I have never dared to try something this intense before. You may have inspired me though. We have this great big window into our backyard and the door to the back is in the awkward place. I have always wanted the window to be the door. Maybe that will be the summer project I decide to do.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  3. I really like the idea of having a door in the laundry room that leads right to your clothes line. That is convenient! It looks like it is coming along nicely. I hope the final installation went well and you are loving your new door! This has inspired me to tackle some home projects this weekend.

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions