Sunday, 2 February 2014

Floor and wall, sneak peak.

Wow! The weather in Melbourne this weekend has not been reno friendly that is for sure. Stinking hot at 40 degrees ad probably even hotter out on site with the heat off the paver and flooring. However we did get some wok done and it is still going on as I type at 8pm on Sunday night in 36 degree heat. At least the sun has gone down now.

Yesterday we laid as much of the yellow tongue flooring as we could. We couldn't do it all because we had to leave room for the steel guy to put in some extra steel stuff near the existing house walls. But this is how much we got down. And it ain't coming up anymore.

I even had a turn on the nail gun believe it or not.

So this is a sneak peak of the start of our first bit of timber wall.

Tomorrow, my baby boy starts school so I better go pack a lunchbox for him. My baby is growing up so I am feeling a little nostalgic tonight. Hope I don't cry at drop off tomorrow and even more importantly I hope he doesn't. Be brave little man!



  1. Forty degrees? That’s really one hot day for you to be working on. But it’s good to know that this kind of weather didn’t hinder the two of you from working on the renovation. How is it going, btw? I hope the flooring and wall has been installed without a hitch.

    George Bar @ CheapFloors

    1. It is going great. Hoping to put the roof on this week, so really making headway now.

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