Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My DIY tea box

For the longest time I have wanted a tea box. One like this:

It bugged me have so many boxes in the pantry, with all the different teas when I knew there was an alternative. I once bought one for my Mum and secretly wanted to keep it for myself.
Today it dawned on me! I had a little wooden box that one of Heidi's toys came in that I had been keeping any using in various places. At one stage it was a remote control holder for the TV remotes, and most recently it held Hubby's drill bits.
I cleaned it out and reached for my Sharpie pen. This is what it looks like now.
I cut out the tea name and blue tacked them on.
You don't want to look too close as it is freehand, but has character.

My DIY Tea Box
It is sitting under my coffee and sugar on the kitchen bench now for easy access. Hopefully it encourages us to drink more herbal tea.

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