Thursday, 13 February 2014

Some houses in the neighbourhood

Our neighbourhood has never been one of the standout areas in Melbourne. It was always the place for the wharfies to live and the lower class used to cause a bit of trouble in the place. Therefore it was pretty affordable for us when we were looking to buy a house.

But these days it is a different story. Because of it's proximity to the city it has become a mecca for the white collar folk who work in the city and don't want to travel but still own a house. So house prices have really taken off. People are spending money on old houses and doing great extensions and renovations. So I love to take walks and see who is doing what and the great ideas people have for their houses.

I have just snapped a few photos of places the I regularly go past to show you some that have gabbed my attention.

This double fronted weatherboard in West Footscray always makes me smile. It is always so neat and tidy. I love the double front doors and the quirky letterbox with the smiley face.

The colours in this Yarraville Single Fronted home are very complimentary and professional.

Now this double storey doubled fronted house in Kingsville has always been a favourite of ours. I used to be the colour of the fence you can still see, but recently was painted this brave green and it has a navy blue and white trim.

This is my favourite home in the area. Not only is it close to Cruikshank park but it has gorgeous architectural features. I love the mix between the brick and weatherboards and the chunky framed windows. LOVE IT!

 So, that is just a few of my favs. I had more but my camera somehow corrupted them so they can wait until another day.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!



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    1. Aren't they! The owner of the last house even asked if we wanted to have a look through. I haven't taken him up on the offer yet though. I'd love to see inside though.