Sunday, 2 March 2014

Organising the work area and a bit more wall

I was given a task by David this weekend. That was to sort out his messy work bench. He created this temporary work bench where the TV used to be and it has been getting a bit crazy.

The work bench before

So I got to work sorting, cleaning and organising. It ended up like this.

Work bench after the tidy up

Then today I did my shopping at Aldi and happened to see a tool organiser for $19 so grabbed it to help sort the screws.

Aldi screw organiser

Other work that went on this weekend included added some more bearers near where the step up to the living area will be.

Cut some studs and added another bearer

More bearer in the laundry room.
Working on the flooring.

More walls and stuff.

Best helper around!

Muscles! More ply wall behind him.

Working on the connecting wall.

Wall going up.

A window will go in here.

Blood, sweat and tears. Sam's owchy.
Next Friday we are getting some electrical wiring moved from the back section eg the outdoor lights. Then just have to put up a bit more ply bracing on another wall and do some more work on the wall pictured above, to get ready to join it to the new part of the house.

So, getting there. Hopefully in a few weekends we can start on the second level. Yippee!


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