Sunday, 23 February 2014

Some wall bracing and window swapping

This weekend we did a few more things. Pretty boring thing but in the long run they will make the house look better. Like planning back the stud walls so they are all flush for the weatherboards to go on. Then some bracing ply sheet were nailed up to keep the walls square.

East wall with ply bracing

On the west side we started to frame up the small wall next to the red brick wall. This is where a small window will go. We are actually taking the windows out from above our bed and moving them here.

North/East wall framing

The other main thing was to take out the other bathroom window and replace it with the other bathroom window that actually opens.

Window gone

Window swapped

I might see if I can sell the window we took out on our local buy swap and sell to make some extra cash. Seems a shame to just scrap it as it is perfectly ok.

I even got to use the dropsaw to cut some noggins, for the first time!! That was fun.

I didn't do much else to help but I did sand and paint the window. Here's the proof.

Sanding the window with my little helpers

Dusty job!


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