Monday, 17 February 2014

We once were windows

We lost a window yesterday. There was no way he could be saved so had to go. He will be sadly missed. We will miss your heat source in Winter. We will miss the extra light you gave. We will miss the fresh air you gave so generously to the bathroom.

Yep, the north facing bathroom window was removed and boarded up. This is the wall that will be against the new living area, so the bathroom will just have one side east facing window now. Currently that window doesn't open, so we will eventually switch it with the one we just pulled out.

Great ventilation

From the outside where the new living room wall will be framed up.

Framing up the window

All boarded up
This is the other window that will now provide all our light

From the outside

The window
This is the rest of the framing as it currently stands

From the other angle
The house is such a mess at the moment and it is driving me a bit nuts but I am trying to cull our stuff so we have more room inside. So nice to have action though. We will get there.



  1. Oh no, sad to see him go :( .....but your new living area will be worth the sacrifice :)

    1. Yeah it will worth it. And if it is too dark we could always add a skylight down the track.