Monday, 3 February 2014

Organising with Martha

Martha Stewart that is!

Officeworks stocks a range of stationary products by the one and only Martha Stewart. I LOVE Martha Stewart and often find myself watching her videos or reading her blog. So I was thrilled to find her products stocked locally in Australia. I just had to get me some so went shopping with little miss while the boys were at school today.

Granted, the little box on the top left isn't from her range but I needed it for an idea I had.

I also got these two storage boxes for $12.77 each to hold the kids school artwork and other papers.

I used the label plate to pretty up my letterholder that I talked about here. And now it looks a bit more finished off. But I really should print out some labels for it.

Then I used that little box to store our random business cards that are scattered in different place around the house. Also, there was enough room in the back of it to put our random earplugs and small cables that were previously making the a mess of the basket on the shoe cabinet.

I used the Martha Stewart blackboard labels to stick on the art boxes for the kids.

Lately, the folder is stuck on the wall near hubby's temporary work bench to keep the plans. Which I couldn't even find at the time to stick in there to take the picture. So now I just have to make sure he remembers to put them back there so we don't keep losing them.

I also made a pit stop at Bunnings to get a key cut for the side gate (for my newly labelled key cabinet) but also had to collect some samples of paint colours and charts. Just something for me to think about for down the track.

Happy Tuesday everyone,


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