Saturday, 2 August 2014

Rebuilding the scaffold

This week in old Melbourne town has been crazy weather wise. It got up to 20 degrees on Thursday and it was super windy. Then Friday was the coldest day for the year at a "feels like" temperature of 2 degrees. What is that about? That warm day was such a teaser for Spring coming, and then BAM, winter slapped us in the face again.

These cold days make painting the windows hard, because it should be warmer than 10 to paint. It got did get over 10 at about 11 am so we got 2 of the 3 top coats of paint on the outside of one of the windows.

Got a couple of eager helpers

The colour we use on our trim is a Haymes colour, Winter Green.

This is after the first green coat.
While I was working on these, Dave had to build some extra scaffolding over the section that was recently roofed. This proved to be very difficult and dangerous. He even had to tie himself to the house at one point in case he slipped on the roof. Luckily, all went well.

West side finished

East side under construction.

Sammy built himself a house. Cheeky monkey was stealing Dad's timber.
 And just because I was upstairs, I thought I'd do a selfie (have been up there all week!!!)

So now that we have scaffold, we can start weatherboarding the top level!!!!  Woo hoo, it will really look like a house instead of a blue box.


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