Friday, 20 March 2015

Staircase getting closer

Happy Friday!

My Friday was made better when I heard the news that the stair guy was coming back today. Of course he didn't get here until about lunchtime and left at 5pm so it didn't get finished. But he did promise to come back Monday and should get it finished then. That is Dave's birthday so will be a nice present. Plus Dad comes over from Hobart on Wednesday so I am thrilled that he will be able to see it.

  Space under the stairs for dog basket/kennel or storage or kids cubby

I was browsing online and came across Jess and Aiden's staircase from The Block Triple Threat. A sneak peak before it is revealed on the show.

Modern Stair 15 The Block Triple Threat

Modern Stair 15 The Block Triple Threat
Speaking of Jess and Aiden; Dave was standing next to Aiden at the tool shop today. I told him to get a selfie with him but he was too shy. Then when I did a walk by of the Reno Rumble site today, I saw Jess driving one of these babies.
 Oh and here is the Blue house.
I saw Josh out of Josh and Jenna from The Block a few years ago. He was working on the red house.

When I walked past this blue house this morning, they had big sheets of this EasyCraft VJ paneling leaning up against the fence. I was intrigued as it happened that this afternoon Dave ordered all out EasyCraft VJ panels for our ceiling upstairs. I was wondering what they are using it for in this house? Maybe walls, maybe a ceiling too?
EasyCraft VJ Paneling

 I think it will take a few days to come in, and a few weeks to install.

This weekend we are focusing on trying to finish the living room ceiling. Wish us luck, because installing these tongue and groove lining boards can be very frustrating, so there will be much swearing (well in a way the kids wont hear anyway).

Have a productive weekend everyone.
Anyone else doing some renovating projects this weekend?



  1. Stairs looking really good, and love the open feel they still have. And the cute use of the little alcove for the dogs.

    1. Thanks a lot Michael :) Hopefully tomorrow night they will look even better. Fingers crossed he finishes it tomorrow.