Monday, 23 March 2015

Staircase guy a no-show again

So Friday 5pm Brad promised that he would come back on Monday and he would be able to finish it all off. So we gave him the key, left the house alarm off and hoped to come home on David birthday (today) to see a completed staircase.

But yet again he didn't turn up.

Why promise that you'd be here, then not even give a reason why? So mad right now.

He left all his tools here so we text him that we are going to take them to cash convertors. Still no response.

I am really regretting using this Going Upstairs company now.

He promised they'd be done 3 months ago. Still barely halfway finished.

Vent over!



  1. Sorry to hear, it's so frustrating when companies act like this. Either take on too much work, or just crap at managing jobs.

    Hopefully you still owe them a fair amount, allowing you to call around for someone else to finish the job. Happy bday to the hubby and hope the stair people sort the stuff out.

    1. Cheers Michael. He has taken on way too much work. Said he has frustrated people all over Melbourne with them all having half finished staircases. Still owe him $5k and Hubby said that normally no one would touch a job like this at this stage in the process so we will just keep nagging him I guess. But will make sure I pay the bill as late as we can :)

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment :)