Thursday, 12 March 2015

Staircase Update

Long time no post. So sorry about that.

So I was asked about what is happening with our staircase yesterday. The sad truth is, it looks just that same as in the last update. Last Friday the stair guy Brad, was trying to come to do some work before the long weekend but then said if he can't make it Friday he will be there on Tuesday.

So Tuesday rolls around and I had a gut feeling that we wouldn't see him. That feeling was correct. I was hoping he would come because my Mum was over visiting from Hobart and I wanted her to see it being built. But alas no.

Then Wednesday was my 37th Birthday and still no birthday present staircase. Woe is me.
But I did get cake. Bonus!
I bought myself a vacuum cleaner with my birthday money from Dad. It was $99 from Aldi and actually works pretty well, so I am happy about that.
 Over the long weekend we put up some more of the ceiling, while I kept painting the ones in the pile. We got the dining area pretty much done and ran the wires for where we wanted the pendant to hang over the table.
Because Mum was coming we thought we'd better put a door on the bathroom, so Dave rehung the door in the new position.
Other than that things are just cruising along. This weekend I will paint more lining boards and I think Dave plans to fill, sand and paint more weatherboards on the east side.

Maybe next week we will get a staircase, but I aint holding my breath.



  1. Shame about the staircase, but happy belated birthday :)

    1. Thank you Michael. Just finished the last slice of cake now. Yum.