Sunday, 15 March 2015

New tools, painting and boarding

We had a pretty productive weekend. Feels good to tick some things off the list.

Firstly, I managed to finish painting all of the lining boards.
Nearly done

Finally finished with 3 coats of paint and ready to be installed
So that was a great feeling. Even bought myself some new paint brushed from Aldi as my reward. Only $9.99 and I really love these brushes. These have been my favourites even up against the expensive ones we buy.
Now I am ready to start painting the windows, again!

On Friday after work, David filled, gapped and sanded the east side walls.
Then on Saturday afternoon he managed to get one coat of primer on them. This is a relief as they had been exposed for a while now and they had begun to get a bit weathered and flaky. Doesn't take long for them to weather, even though they are supposed to be primed when you buy them. We don't like leaving on that original primer so we sand them back before we add our own primer. The good stuff.

The other thing that happened was work on the West wall. But before that Dave went and bought himself a T-nailer to make the job go twice as fast.
This means that he no longer has to pre-drill or hand nail all the weatherboards on. He is pretty excited and loved using it today. Wish he'd got one 6 months ago.

So he first ripped off the old weatherboards.

 Now we have more rubbish to get rid of.
 He enlisted Andrew's help to measure out the straight lines for the boards.
We got a bit delayed with lunch with the neighbours, so only got half the wall done so this is what it looks like right now.

Dave priming the cut ends of the weatherboards
So feeling pretty good about this weekend. Tonight we need to sit down and do some project planning so we can get the fireplace in by hopefully May. The winter is coming, which depresses me but knowing a nice fireplace will be here in time is a great motivator.


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