Sunday, 15 March 2015

Reno Rumble - New show coming to Channel 9

So this morning I went out for my normal run through Kingsville and Yarraville and saw some action happening. They were blocking off some road and people were walking around some houses getting organised and then a massive truck came in. Mind you it was 6am and pitch black.

One trailer and a fancy ute had RR on it for Reno Rumble.

I became very curious and excited.
Turns out it is a new renovation show coming to Channel 9 where former contestants from The Block and House Rules on Channel 7 face off to renovate two houses. 
So there was one house on one side of the street with a red flag called Redbacks. (Excuse the crude drive by photos).

And another house on the other side with a blue flag:
Thy were not exactly opposite but in the same block. I think I have seen Merv Hughes enter this house a few years ago.

I saw Leighton from House Rules outside the blue house so maybe it will be Carly and Leighton,
Image result for house rules leighton
verses maybe Jess and Aiden from The Block because Dave saw Aiden in Yaraville and I saw an Aiden T-shirt at the site.

Image result for jess and aidn

 So I am going to be watching this street very closely to see what is going on.

Cool huh!


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