Monday, 2 March 2015

Plastering the odds and ends

This weekend we did plastering of fiddly small spots that had been left out. One of them was this bulkhead above the kitchen area. Hmmm I don't have the after shot, oops.
Oh and here is me, because Heidi wanted to take a photo.
 We also did the tricky wall behind the staircase. The stair guy didn't leave much gap so it was a very tight fit.
 A bit more in the stairwell.

Small strip along the bottom here.
 Here's me again holding up the plaster for another bulk head in the living area.
And here it is up.
 We actually have to double skin this spot around the window, because the steel guy made the steelwork stick out too far. The double plaster is required to cover it up.
 Apart from me doing more painting of the ceiling boards, that is all that got done.



  1. Any update on the stairs?

  2. I am just about to do an update. Stay tuned :)

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