Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Time to paint windows

Another day and another no-show from the staircase guy.

We are now kinda hoping he doesn't come for a few days so that when the ceiling sheets arrive on Thursday, we can easily get them upstairs. Once the banister is in it will be a lot harder to take things up.

The reno must go on though, so we are pushing on with other things. This evening after work, Dave is working on the last part of the downstairs ceiling. Here he is checking that the ceiling is straight before putting up and boards.

And here he is cutting the boards to length.

I went to Paint Spot today and asked about this Glass Mask that we were told about that you can use instead of taping the edges. It sounded a bit risky so instead I am going to just tape. But man it is a slow process. Plus you can only leave the tape on for 14 days, so I am going to work on 2 at a time I think. Starting with the two front windows upstairs.

They are taped up and now I am just waiting for the filler to dry before sanding them tomorrow.
  I use this one because it is for deep cracks and where the screw go in there are indeed pretty big holes.

So that is what we are up to at the moment. I am actually looking forward to painting these windows now.


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